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🥽 VR Auctions Are Go

Published on March 11th, 2024

VR auctions are go.

In a pioneering leap into the future ,Webtron proudly announces virtual mixed reality auctions started last weekend.

This groundbreaking event is set to open the door to amazing new opportunities set to sweep the globe, powered by VR mixed reality technology.

The use of VR technology will help evolve online auctions by providing new levels of real-time data and bidding interactivity.

Alex Hill, Founder and Director at Webtron, commented on the significance of this event for the future of the auction industry: “VR Mixed Reality is where the analog world and digital world become one. Every Auctioneer will now need to consider the adoption of this exciting technology in the coming years.”

Below is a video of the Webtron team testing developing the Webtron VR Auction capabilities:

A lot of emphasis has been placed on the hardware, with a number of VR headsets on the market including the Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest Pro. Maybe a little too much emphasis. Because you also need powerful auction software like Webtron. The current VR headsets are in an early era of design and development. They are still quite bulky but both of these popular models allow for similar levels of interactivity.

🥽 VR Auctions Go Live! Auctioneers be warned the below video cannot be unseen.

But in the years to come what is today’s bulky VR Goggles will become tomorrow’s streamlined sleek and stylish sunglasses, as the size and weight is reduced. We saw an insight of this some years ago with the Google Glass project. Expect to see rapid development in size reduction and comfort in the next generation.

VR Auctions Are Go

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