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Our Story

It all started with the sale of Australia’s first house sold online 

Our Online Auction Story: Where it all began

Webtron had a vision for the future. We then created a media sensation. An Australian real estate first.

In 2007, Webtron introduced an unprecedented concept – the real estate online auction. This innovation was first showcased through a collaboration with Harrington Earl, a real estate agency, resulting in Australia’s first online house sale utilising a live webcast auction format. The outcome was nothing short of remarkable: a Melbourne residence was successfully sold to an online bidder from Perth, surpassing the reserve price and reaching a noteworthy $526,000.

This pivotal 2007 event marked the birth of Webtron Online Auction and online real estate auctions. Firmly establishing Webtron as a pioneering force in the realm of online auction software for auctioneers. Recognised as leaders in the field worldwide, Webtron’s commitment to leveraging technology to bridge the geographical gap between buyers and sellers has remained unwavering since that momentous day. Through cutting-edge solutions, Webtron empowers independent auctioneers in all auction verticals, ensuring that the constraints of distance never hinder the seamless connection between those seeking to buy and sell, regardless of the transaction’s value.


First House Sold Online in Australia -Article from December 2007 Herald-Sun

Online Auctions are our reason for being

Webtron Online Auction exists to offer independent auctioneers a genuine opportunity to compete with the biggest auction firms around the world. Auction companies can run online auctions independently and be free. And the great news is Webtron makes having your own white label auction software portal running on your website, easy.

With our online auction software, your business can run its own branded online auctions without any significant upfront investment – and without ongoing strain on your business operations.

Webtron’s online auction portal today

After more than fifteen years, Webtron is the secret weapon behind a number of well-known and prosperous auction enterprises worldwide.

With our online auction software, solutions, training and support , Webtron is pleased to have assisted numerous renowned auction companies in their success. Including industrial auctions, automotive auctions, real estate online auctions, agriculture clearance sales, livestock auctions, collectables auctions, personal property auctions, digital assets and anything else. That equates to over 10,000’s of lots per week being sold through Webtron , every week being sold by independent auctioneers just like you.

As arguably the auction software industry’s top company, we defy complacency. Because of this, we make significant investments in ideas, research and development to upgrade our technology. Our clients have an advantage over their rivals online thanks to our app-free live webcast auction, timed auctions, and marketplace platform.

In early 2023 we promised it would be another year of innovation from Webtron and we meant it. To monitor our progress visit our latest auction news page.

Here’s a quick list to  just some of the new innovations this year.

  • Xero integration accounting, reporting invoicing and payment gateways.
  • Industry first Ai Auction enhanced and supported integrations
  • Collection Calendar and notifications
  • These types of concepts and options are what set our business apart

For a turnkey online auction solution that runs from your website, Webtron is the answer. Contact us for a free software demonstration today.

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