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Our Story

It all started with the sale of a two-bedroom house

Our Online Auction Story: Where it all began

Webtron Online Auction first opened its doors in 2007 to help a real estate agency become the first in Australia to sell a house using a live webcast auction format. The Melbourne home sold above the reserve to an online bidder from Perth for $526K.

From that day, we knew that with today’s powerful technology at our fingertips, geography should never again prevent buyers and sellers from connecting – no matter how high value the purchase.


Online Auctions are our reason for being

Webtron Online Auction exists to offer independent business owners a genuine opportunity to compete with the biggest auction firms around the world.

With our online auction software, your business can run its own branded online auctions without a significant upfront investment – and without ongoing strain on your business operations.

Webtron’s online auction portal today

Today, after 10 years, Webtron is the secret-weapon behind many well-known and successful auction companies around the world.

Webtron has proudly helped many well-known auction companies become successful with our online auction software and bidding portal. This online auction success has been proven across all the major auction industries including plant and machinery auctions, automotive auctions, liquidation auctions, collectables auctions, marine auctions and livestock auctions.

As a market leader, we don’t believe in complacency. That’s why we invest heavily in ongoing research and development, continually enhancing our technology. Our app-free live webcast auction platform is among the first in the industry. It’s ideas like these that make our company different.

In early 2019 we promised it would be another year of innovation from Webtron. And to monitor our progress visit our latest auction news page.

For a turnkey online auction solution that runs from your website, Webtron is the answer. Contact us for a free software demonstration today.

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