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Platform Customisation

Platform customisation? Or platform customization? You choose.

Your auction business has a wonderful opportunity make the auction platform your own. We offer customisable and scalable features which can be utilised or removed as you wish.

Platform customisation

For language, branding, sale information and platform features.

Platform Language Customisation

Looking to change a word or two on the auction platform? Maybe you’d prefer to call a “Maximum Bid” an “AutoBid” instead. Or perhaps you would like to use professional, strong and succinct language, instead of using language that perhaps paints your business as casual and inviting by using colloquialisms instead. At Webtron, we believe in flexibility. If it’s a word on the system, there’s a high likelihood that we can change it. For example, livestock auctioneers often like to sell items by the kilogram. So why not switch up your bid button to communicate this to your bidders? With Webtron, we make these types of platform language customisations possible:

You also have the flexibility to custom translate your entire online auction platform into foreign languages. This includes full customisation of lots, sale information and platform buttons.

Platform Branding Customisation

Make our auction platform your own with custom branding options for your colours, logos and fonts. We style the online bidding platform to blend seamlessly into your website. Simple coding changes can often denote the difference between a thinner or a thicker bidding button as pictured above. Or even to show emphasis on either auction images or the auction catalogue in a webcast auction.

Platform Sale Information Customisation

Our online bidding platform has more space allocated to promoting your sale information than most other online auction platforms. We provide separate sections to add in your sale information, collection information, payment information, terms and conditions and pick up information.

This is supported by auction and item/lot PDF attachment functionality and item/lot videos which is available as standard on the auction platform.

Platform Feature Customisation

Turn features on and off within the system as you wish.

  • Webcast auctions can be turned on or off, with the option to run video if you wish;
  • Interested in social streaming your webcast auctions directly into Facebook or Youtube ? Ask us how;
  • Or looking to add a ‘wow’ factor to your webcast auctions? Turn on HD quality video streaming for your viewers on all devices including mobile 100% ‘App Free’.
  • Hide or show a tonne of features like Number of Bids, Bid Increments, Reserve Feedback, Related Items and more;
  • Create your own searchable categories to allow bidders to filter your lots;

For a turnkey online auction solution that comes with full customisation options, Webtron is the answer. Contact us for a free online auction software demonstration today.

[notification type=”alert-info” close=”false” ]We recommend using a fluent bilingual employee for translation services as opposed to an online translator tool for accuracy in translating key words and phrases into another language.[/notification]

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