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Auction Platform Training

Need tips on how to best use the system? Book an online auction platform training session with us.

Auction platform training comes as standard when you get started with our online system. And we have a range of different ways to get you familiar with the bidder portal. Check out our different training options to see which one might work best for you.

Training videos

Clients can check out our online depository of informational training videos.

Training manuals

Intensive manuals which are perfect for bookworms wishing to learn about the platform the traditional way.

Clerking exams

If you’re looking for a refresher on clerking, schedule in a clerking exam, which actually isn’t as scary as it sounds.

Remote auction platform training

Training held in an online video-conference.

On-site auction platform training

We can travel out to train you for your first sale.

Remote auction platform training

At Webtron, we take full advantage of the great capabilities of modern technologies that the internet has to offer. Training sessions can be conducted through remote auction platform training sessions via video-conferencing. With screen-sharing capabilities, audio and video available with a working internet connection, no place is too far for training.

Simply schedule in an auction platform training session, and have a working webcam and microphone on the day to get started.

On-site auction platform training

Needs hands on assistance with familiarising yourself with the online auction platform? Whether you’re just a short drive (or a somewhat longer flight) away, Webtron is happy to accommodate your on-site training requests. We can arrange our confident and competent team members to travel out to you to get you set up and trained for your first sale.

Training videos

All clients have access to our online depository of informational training videos, which give quick insights to using particular areas of the online auction platform.

Training manuals

Some people like to have things on paper, and that’s okay! We provide detailed, intensive training manuals and guides which are perfect for bookworms wishing to learn about the platform the traditional way. Training manuals are also great for reviewing or refreshing your memory on elements of the system whenever you need it, and they’re provided to each of our clients during the on-boarding process.

Clerking exam

Schedule a clerking exam, which is actually not as intimidating as it seems, if you need a refresher on clerking. A Webtron salesperson poses as an auctioneer and calls out commands for the clerk to enter into the system during our modest demonstration webcast auction. We drastically slow down the procedure, making it ideal for new platform users or for existing users who need a refresher. Even while you don’t actually get a mark or certification at the end of the “exam,” it’s an excellent chance to practise being an auction clerk before the actual sale. If we can help with anything, please let us know.


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