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Livestock Online Auctions

Livestock Online Auctions

Don’t get left behind – it’s never been easier to join the online revolution

If you’re a traditional livestock auctioneer, it’s time to modernise your business.

As word spreads about the Webtron online auction solution, more and more industries are realising the benefits. And the agricultural and livestock sector is no exception.

With many livestock auction events in remote areas, it’s not always feasible for bidders to be present. But with Webtron, you can attract a vast bidding audience, no matter how far away from your auction event.

Timed or live webcast format?

Livestock auctions lend themselves particularly well to the live webcast format.

With years of experience in this industry, Webtron understands the challenge of running live auction events in remote locations and with limited resources.

And if you don’t have an internet connection at your auction location? That’s no problem. Our advanced remote clerking solutions make almost anything possible.

For a turnkey online auction solution for your livestock business, Webtron is the answer. Contact us for a free software demonstration today.


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