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Timed Auctions

Let Your Website Do the Work For You

Timed online auctions (or ‘eBay style’ auctions) allow you to simply list your products and let your website do the work. They’re the perfect way to clear surplus stock with minimum time and fuss.

You can run as many timed auctions as you want at a time – we recommend staggering closing times to maximise bidding activity.

Webtron provides auctioneers with a feature-rich timed online auction solution including:
  • Custom integration: State-of-the-art software that integrates seamlessly with your existing website and brand (not ours!)
  • Mobile-friendly: Your buyers can bid from any device, anywhere at any time! Desktops, laptops, iPhones, iPads, Android phones – you name it. Now featuring ‘App Free bidding’ on auction formats
  • Set and forget: Once your timed auctions are set up, they run automatically over a set period of time. This means you can focus on marketing the auction rather than physically running it.
  • Full lot descriptions: Entice more bidders with detailed product information
  • Pictures: add as many pictures as you like
  • Videos:  add as many videos as you want. 
  • Max Bids: Bidding flexibility give your most enthusiastic bidders strategic power and flexibility with our ‘auto max bid’.
  • Starting Bids: List your item’s starting price.
  • Set advanced group filtering of lots for bidders
  • Reserve Feedback: List a reserve price for your bidders to meet before an item is sold. Reserve feedback is shown as a progress bar for the online bidders. 
  • Real-time updates: Your buyers can keep track of all bids in real-time without refreshing the bidding page.
  • Flexible auction features: Tailor each auction to suit your needs. Make your auctions public or private, allow buyers to ‘buy now’, ‘make an offer’ , ‘bidding extensions’ and ‘stagger’ lot finishing times
  • Dedicated Attachments tab: such as PDF’s contracts or marketing
  • Dedicated Terms and Conditions tab: for your auction companies terms and conditions
  • Dedicated Pick Up, Viewing tabs and Payment Removal information tabs: 
  • Bidding Extension:  completely customisable
  • Lot Staggering: completely customisable
  • ‘Make an Offer’: An optional feature to allow bidders to place offers on certain lots.
  • ‘Buy Now’: An optional feature to prompt bidders to purchase lots on the spot at a specified ‘buy’ price.
  • Auto email alerts: Send emails to auction participants when they’ve been outbid, when time is running out, when they’ve won, when they’ve lost and more.
  • Reporting: real time reporting brief and detailed reports

*If you are interested in Timed Auctions we have a new option to create your own marketplace . Ideal for selling individual assets without having an auction event.



For a turnkey timed online auction solution that your buyers can access from any device, Webtron is the answer. Contact us for a free software demonstration today.

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