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How Smart Filtering will Revolutionise Your Auctions

How Smart Filtering will Revolutionise Your Auctions

Published on October 19th, 2018

Smart Filtering and Related Items on the Webtron Online Auction Platform

Smart Filtering will revolutionise your auctions.

We’re calling it now. 

When you visit a website to buy something, it’s not often that you would browse using the “View All” option. Like most individuals, we’re busy and want to find what we’re looking for with minimal fuss. 

That’s why smart filtering is perfect for your online auctions. 

Bidders no longer have to scroll page after page to find the items they’re after. By simply clicking on their desired category, bidders are brought straight to the products that are relevant to them. 


Why the modern auctioneer will love this feature.

It’s innovative and fresh, and you can be as broad or as specific with your categories as you wish. 


The Collectables Auctioneer


The modern antiques and collectables auctioneer would use this feature to split their sales into Artwork, Sculptures, Ceramics and more.


The Automotive Auctioneer


The automotive auctioneer might find that it is useful to identify cars based on their brands and models like Audi, BMW, Honda and Toyota. And the use of our subcategory feature would be well applied here for Audi (A1, A3, A5), Honda (Jazz, Civic, Accord) or Toyota (Camry, Corolla).

For the Collectable Car auctioneer, splitting your items into Cars, Number Plates and Memorabilia is easily achievable. 


The Machinery Auctioneer


We find that our machinery auctioneers adopt quite diverse strategies when it comes to using our filtering options. Some choose to keep it short and sweet implementing broad categories like “Excavators”, “Rollers” and “Tractors” is sufficient.

Others like to get down to the nitty gritty. The best part is that our filters are all customised for you. So you can let your imagination run wild.


The Livestock Auctioneer


Livestock auctioneers find may use categories for distinguishing between an “Angus” and a “Stabiliser,” for example. Or even to distinguish between different breeds, genetics samples and more.

But wait, there’s more.

Our smart categories and filters also show bidders related items. 

This means that once an online bidder has selected their preferred categories from the list, they can view other items within that category with ease. 

Watch our short video here on online auction smart categories here:

And check out other time maximising features in the system like in-auction webcast pre-bidding and more by booking an auction demo with Webtron at

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