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Bidding Portal

Finally, a bidding portal that makes online bidding easy.

Webtron’s bidding portal offers a simple, user-friendly solution for purchasing lots in an online auction. Access both timed auctions and webcast auctions easily and intuitively to view auctions, place bids and find specific item information. Each bidder registers for an auction with their own unique username, email and password.

Bidding on any device

Everything’s simpler when you’re app free.


Item watch lists

Create a folder of items you want to keep your eye on.

Categories and filtering

Filter lots based on what you’re looking for.

Language and currencies

Search in different languages or currencies.

Pre-bidding intelligence

Place your absentee bids before or during an auction.

Visual cues to bid

Fair warning visual notification tools to warn you before a lot is sold.

Online bidding options on any modern device

Your bidders can simply and easily participate in online bidding on your auctions from any modern mobile or desktop device, without leaving your website. Webtron’s app-free online auction software saves your bidders the hassle of needing to download any apps, empowering them to bid from any modern device at any time.

Item Filtering and Outbid Notifications

Bidders have the ability to seamlessly keep track of their favourite items, whether that be the lots they’re bidding on or even just those they’re interested in. Simply star an item to add it to your Starred List. Our bidding portal also enables bidders to easily filter between the items they’re Winning and Losing so they can always stay up-to-date. Plus, email outbid notifications will alert bidders when they have been outbid, making it even easier for bidders to keep track of all their online bids.

Categories and Search

Online bidders can search your auctions for items that they’re interested in using the Category feature. Auctioneers set up their own categories to organise their auction items, allowing bidders to locate the specific items they’re looking for. Or, bidders can simply type in a relevant keyword or lot number to instantly see all applicable auction items. The Webtron online auction bidding portal is all about linking bidders to the items they’re after, with minimal fuss.

For a turnkey online auction solution that makes online bidding easy, Webtron is the answer. Contact us for a free online auction software demonstration today.

Maximum Bids and Pre-Bidding Options

In addition to placing standard bids on your items, bidders also have the option of placing maximum bids. They can simply select a maximum value they would like to bid for an item, and the system will bid on their behalf to help keep them in front. This is a popular option for bidders that are time-poor or determined to purchase a desired item.

You can also make the most of your live webcast auctions by enabling pre-bidding. This allows your bidders to place bids on your items prior to your live auction event – a valuable feature proven to increase competition and maximise the value of your online auction sales.

A white-label online auction solution

What sets Webtron apart is that we provide a white-label online auction software solution. This means that all auctions will be in your own branding and colours and run from your own website. Your bidders remain your own and will never be remarketed to, which means you can continue to build your own brand IP and geneate value for your business.

With over 15 years experience in the online auction industry, Webtron has the knowledge and expertise to take your business to the next level. Our motto is Simple for Bidders and Powerful for Auctioneers.

Contact us today to discuss your online auction needs or to arrange an auction software demo.

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