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Auction Clerk

Need an extra hand? Our auction clerk team has you covered.

To conduct a live webcast auction, you’ll need an auction clerk to manage the online bidding system. We monitor all auctions as part of our standard service, but if you need an extra hand on auction day, Webtron can often assist with high-level auction clerking support.

On-site auction clerk

We come to you.

Remote auction clerk

An auction clerk manages the sale off-site.

A brief rundown on clerking an auction

An online auction clerk has a huge role to play in ensuring that a webcast auction runs smoothly. Contrary to popular belief, a clerk is no boring administrative job. Rather, using a mouse and keyboard (or tablet), the clerk works quickly to oversee online bids coming through the system, and records floor bids in the auction platform for online bidders to see. It sounds simple, but when an auctioneer is speaking quite rapidly, you’ll soon see that being an auction clerk often requires a degree of skill, focus and speed.

Webtron trains our auctioneers on how to clerk an auction, equipping them with a broad range of auction clerking tools including keyboard shortcuts for bidding which makes clerking easy. But in those rare circumstances where for whatever reason, an employee may not be available to clerk on an auction day, Webtron can step in to assist.

Remote Auction Clerk

An arrangement for a remote auction clerk is when a Webtron employee manages an online auction on your behalf while working from our offices. It’s a feature that’s especially helpful for industrial and livestock auctioneers because, depending on the area, internet connection speeds may be unreliable, or even nonexistent. Simply give us a call, and we’ll use our software to broadcast your voice over the internet. Additionally, it’s a fantastic low-touch, low-tech method for you to successfully manage a live webcast auction. You can rely on our skilled online auction crew to help you stay focused on selling your assets because they are swift on the keyboard. Additionally, we may instruct you remotely on how to clerk an auction.

Ask Webtron about using our remote auction clerk services for your next auction.

Onsite Auction Clerk

Looking for peace of mind when running live online auctions? Need some extra manpower during those crucial moments?

If so, we can send a Webtron representative to clerk the auction on your premises. They’ll inform your auctioneers of all online bids and ensure everything runs smoothly on the day. And once we’re there, we can also train your team on how to clerk auctions in the future.

The onsite auction clerk service is particularly useful for assisting auctioneers conducting a webcast auction for the first-time. So if you’re looking for a confident, reliable team member to clerk your sale on auction day, ask us about our on-site clerking service.

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