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Auction Invoicing

With the Webtron Online Auction platform you have two in system invoicing options or you can simply export a sales CSV and use your own existing invoicing system.

The first option Webtron offers is an in system integrated invoicing which is very simple , quick and highly utilised. Clients say ” it’s easy and quick” thats why they like it.

The second newer option is Webtron has built a Xero auction invoicing module. So if like many clients you currently use Xero or are looking to implement Xero, you can now seamlessly transfer your sales to data to Xero one of the worlds most popular cloud based invoicing and accounting systems.

The customer and auction administrator’s journey across all touchpoints has been strengthened and made more efficient in a variety of ways. Now auctioneers, auction administrator’s and bidders will find a many useful new options to quickly invoice, reconcile and track invoicing accounting sales data.

Admin Invoice Management

Review and send invoices from the auction platform with the click of a button.

Bidder Invoice Management

Bidders can now view and print invoices using the My Invoices module.

Admin Labelling

Internal labelling options highlight different stages of the invoicing process including when items have been collected.

In system auction invoicing

Our invoicing module gives superior visibility to both admins and bidders after an auction. Administrators can generate and send out invoices for their online bidders, whilst bidders can view invoices for items from their bidding portal. Auctioneers are reporting our integrated invoicing module is saving their admin teams an enormous amount of time, Genius! 

‘New’ Xero auction invoicing

You are now able to invoice, track and report from Xero, one the world’s best and most popular cloud based business accounting and invoicing systems.

Webtron has built a compatibility module to link between the best cloud based white label auction software system and the best cloud-based accounting software systems.

here are several key benefits of auctioneers using Xero for auction invoicing.

Streamlined auction invoicing: Xero makes it easy to create, send, and track invoices, allowing auctioneers to streamline their invoicing process and get paid faster. Click here to learn more .

xero auction invoicing

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