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💥💥🥽💥💥It’s all systems go for VR Real Estate Auctions this weekend. Another Webtron industry 1st

Published on April 24th, 2024

💥💥🥽💥💥 Another Webtron Auction idea 💡 1st.
It’s all systems go for Virtual Reality Real Estate Auctions this weekend.

Background: Webtron is a well known Melbourne based online auction software company. Very well known to Auctioneers and Auction businesses around the world. (Webtron came up with the idea to sell the first house online ever in Australia in 2007 it sold for $526K)

Webtron in 2024 had a new idea, to bring auctions into the modern era. Thus helping auctioneers and sellers better interact in real time . So Webtron decided to bring Virtual Reality, to Auctions.

Furthermore with the specific Webtron idea to conduct the Worlds 1st Virtual Reality Real Estate Auction.

After many months of virtual reality auction development and testing we were ready.

A few weeks ago Webtron approached Ray White a well known real estate business with our idea to conduct the first virtual reality real estate auction.

Ray White enthusiastically embraces the Webtron idea and agrees to collaborate together on this project. All Ray White has to do was call the auction Webtron would take care of everything else.

After-all, great ideas like this just don’t fall out of the sky.

Melbourne, 27.04.2024 – Webtron Online Auction Software , in collaboration with Ray White, is hosting a world real-estate auction first this Saturday April 27 in Elwood, Victoria.

WHO: Ray White Cheltenham master auctioneer Greg Brydon. Greg also happens to be the REIV and Ray White Auctioneer of the Year.

WHAT: Australian and world first the first ever property auction using cutting-edge ‘virtual reality’ goggles, with the technology designed in Melbourne by Webtron.

WHEN: The converted church at 3/30A Ormond Rd, Elwood will be auctioned at 11am on Saturday , 27 April 2024. 

WHERE: 3/30A Ormond Rd, Elwood 

WHY: Webtron and Ray White have always been at the forefront cutting edge of digital technology in the property industry. 

What happened: The house sells for above reserve and many questions regarding the validity of the exercise are answered when the property is SOLD. Webtron’s idea causes a media sensation on TV , Online and in the print media. It was a shock to the real estate world that in 2024 that Webtron made this possible.

WHERE TO NEXT: It’s very exciting being the first company in this space and come up with this idea, an idea that Victorian news site the Herald Sun called “a world first”!

People will tend to focus on the goggles but it’s the new ideas and auction software technology behind the goggles which is really the science going forward.

Webtron plans to expand the use of Virtual Reality Auction into other clients in the coming weeks.

Latest News : After the success of Webtron Virtual Reality 1 – New Webtron Version 2 Virtual Reality Real Estate Auction technology in Beta testing set to be released shortly.


Webtron, a well known online auction software company, has built a secure online auction platform with a full suite of selling options with clients worldwide.

How it works:

Now, for the first time ever, we are making it possible to see, hear and interact through the eyes of an auctioneer during live real-estate auctions. There’s no turning back. This cannot be unseen. We believe auctioneers and sellers/vendors deserve better. And since we are the people that come up with the ideas in the first place, thats what we’ve done again.

Update – 🏡🥽 1st Virtual Reality Real Estate Auction – Sold!

Webtron 1st Virtual Reality Real Estate Auction , VR Auction

The Future – Webtron Virtual Reality Version 2 coming soon

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