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📸 The Latest on Pictures, Video and Attachments

📸 The Latest on Pictures, Video and Attachments

Published on November 8th, 2021

Pictures, videos and attachments have never loaded so faster and clearer in the newest Webtron 7.0. At Webtron, we continually strive to lead the industry with modern, intuitive and stylish software for auctioneers. That is why, we are pleased to introduce Webtron’s latest updates for pictures, videos, and attachments to Webtron’s online auction software.

🔍 Clearer, high quality pictures

Our new update includes improvements to the quality of pictures, faster uploading for lots and attachments. Amaze your bidders with ultra-HD, high quality pictures of your lots. Pictures now also include a highly requested magnifying glass tool where bidders can precisely inspect see items in closer detail. Perfect for Collectables and Antique auctioneers looking to sell fine art and antiques to art collectors and enthusiasts. This functional magnifying glass tool for bidders allows the autonomy of customers to fully inspect your items and lots in depth. With clearer and detailed images, bidders can have the confidence to make big asset purchases from your online auction website.

⚡ Lightning-quick uploads

Auctioneers can now also upload attachments and videos at lightning quick speed. Promote your auction lots through the addition of videos and attachments to showcase your items and help make the bidder’s buying experience a breeze. From our experience working with auction clients from different industries, videos and attachments help showcase and strengthen customer confidence when bidding. Upload videos to showcase your lots in depth and attach important documents for your customers to assure their purchasing decisions. Just let your pictures and videos do the talking! Stand out from your competitors by offering fully fleshed out lot information. With Webtron, we supply auctioneers the necessary tools to make setting up auctions a breeze.

📱 Mobile-friendly interface

Webtron’s Auction Software is compatible across all devices regardless of where your customers may be. We understand our client’s customers are always on the move. Our software doesn’t sacrifice the quality on mobile and provides convenience and functional bidder interfaces to bidders. Webtron 7.0 now features is now available for mobile viewing where users can easily swipe through photos on lots, making viewing lots a breeze for your customers.

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