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Now Available Webtron 7.2 Auction Software Release

Published on June 24th, 2022

At Webtron, we’re always looking to improve and enhance our online auction software. So it’s no surprise that the new Webtron 7.2 auction software release only continues to get better. We have recently been rolling out more features and product updates.

When we said 2022 was going to be a great year for our online auction clients, we meant it.

Our newest auction software release updates bring new options to improve the bidder user experience. And make running online auctions easier than ever before. Let’s take a look at some of the updates in 7.2.

New highly sought-after Global Search 🌐

You can easily and quickly find the goods you’re looking for with Webtron’s new global search. You may instantly search all of the goods in all of your auctions by typing in a single keyword. The global search makes it simple and quick to locate the exact item that your bidders are looking for.

New Picture Updates – now with Magnifying Glass 🔍

Our new bidder-controlled magnifying glass makes it easier than ever for your bidders to zoom in on your items and see what they’re buying online. Works magnificently on either mobile or desktop. You have the ability to upload as many images to your lots as you like, and your bidders can take an up-close view of the items they’re interested in and put their minds at ease.

Videos & PDFs made easy 🎥 ✅ 

Often overlooked by auctioneers but getting more popular by the day, Videos and PDF attachments are a great way for you to communicate the value of your assets online. Videos allow you to show off the condition and functionality of your items, particularly for those high-value assets. 

Simply upload as many videos as you like to YouTube and copy and paste the links to add them to your lots!

PDFs are very useful for adding extra item information, such as certifications, valuations, warranties, marketing and more! You’re able to add PDFs on a per lot basis as needed, giving you the option to tailor your sales as you see fit. 

Social Media sharing 📣

New optional social media sharing icons. Webtron 7.2 puts over 15 different social media sharing options at your fingertips.

The social media icons you select should fit your target audience. Consider how your bidders can discuss upcoming lots in your auctions with coworkers, relatives, and friends on a per lot basis. Making your online auctions more accessible than ever will help you build your brand and draw in new customers. Currently, Facebook, Twitter, Email, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, and Weibo are the most widely used options. But there are also more recent options, including Telegram.

No apps needed! 🚫

Our online auction software runs straight from your own website, with no need for you or your bidders to download any apps.

Downloading apps to bid on an online auction is an antiquated unnecessary practice in this day and age. The technology behind online auction software has matured. Meaning all online auctions regardless of format (Timed Online or Live Webcast) should work seamlessly on any device in 2022 and beyond. And that must also mean of-course Apple iPhone or Android mobile devices also work seamlessly without frustrating your bidders to download apps. 

All of our auction clients reported bidder numbers spiked when webtron introduced app free bidding back in 2018. We and our auction clients would never go back.

By removing the barriers for bidders to access your auctions, Webtron 7.2 makes it easier for users to bid on your online auctions. Thus increasing and unlocking your business’s online auction sales potential.

Webtron Continues to grow and reach new clients in new territories 📈 🌎

It’s no secret that Webtron is continuing to grow and expand our reach. New clients in new territories continue to join as word spreads just how good the Webtron methods, software , service and support is.

So if you are reading this and have lots to sell, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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