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Featured Auctions are Available Now on Webtron

Featured Auctions are Available Now on Webtron

Published on December 19th, 2018

NEW! Restore order to your online auction catalogue by using the featured auctions button.

Featured Auctions to Simplify Your Online Auction Catalogue – Webtron Online Auction

Simplify your online auction catalogue using featured auctions.

Hosting a number of auctions simultaneously but don’t know where to start? 

The featured auctions tool allows you to allocate priority to online auction sales as you wish. 

Whilst most auctioneers are happy to have their online auctions featured in date-order, this tool allows you to give priority viewing to the auctions you want your customers to see first. 

This feature works best when used for larger sales, or events where you’ve spent more money on marketing and promotion. Show your online bidders what they’re looking for first. And they’ll reward you with even more online bids on your items. Featuring auctions is available for webcast auctions and timed auctions using the Webtron Online Auction platform now.

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