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Cut the middle man out

Cut the middle man out

Published on October 25th, 2021

Cut the middle man out.

We are delighted to let you know the new Webtron 7.0 auctioneer software has arrived!

In the last year Webtron has helped auctioneers run more online auctions for themselves than ever before. 

That’s right, training and supporting auctioneers to run their own online auctions from their own websites. Webtron makes it simple.

It’s white label auction software we make available to you. Value your brand, your website and your bidders. Build your own brand IP, bidders and profit.

It has been said by many a wise independent auctioneer that using an auction group site is like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank. 

Cut the middle man out. Most of the middle men group auction sites are in reality just after your hard won bidders. Once you hand over your bidders over,  you will never get them back. And then your former exclusive bidders will be relentlessly marketed with everyone of your competitors auctions by the middle men.

It’s a familiar tale, but this will never happen with webtron. Your bidders remain your bidders.

We make it ‘Simple for Bidders and Powerful for Auctioneers’.

A stylish new Webtron 7.0 bidding interface, tons of new features, faster speed and unimagined scalability.


Your choice of:
✅   🏷White Label Auction Software

✅   🎥 Streamed Webcast Auctions 
✅   Timed Online Auctions 
✅  👩‍💻Full training, setup & every auction supported. 
Some of the New Features:
✅   New redesigned stylish bidder interface 📲👨🏽‍💻

✅   New Photo Magnification Glass 🔎

✅   New Optional Bid History  🔢

✅   More Social Media Options 📱

✅   New lightning quick search and filtering⚡️

✅   These are just some of the great new features in Webtron 7.0
Looking to take that next step with your auction business?
Then contact webtron for a demo!

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