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Don’t let COVID slow down your auction business in 2021❗️

Don’t let COVID slow down your auction business in 2021❗️

Published on January 9th, 2021

Don’t let Covid slow your auction business down in 2021❗️
The one thing we have learned in 2020 is that webtron has the number 1 online auction software and auction support services (“Simple for bidders- Powerful for Auctioneers”) on the market. So you need webtron in your corner.
Webtron, with 15 years of online auction knowledge, trust, an abundance of online auction and marketing ideas geared toward, not only withstanding COVID-19, but to actually expand and grow your auction business.
How do we know this I hear you ask?
Because our clients tell us and they are appreciative of our efforts. And their bidders tell them the webtron online auction system is the best most user-friendly system they use anywhere for online auctions. (“Simple for bidders – Powerful for Auctioneers”, that’s webtron)
When many thought it was time to batten down the hatches when COVID-19 first appeared in 2020, we advised our clients to do the opposite.
We said you need to be online more than ever and we will be there every step of the way with you, Rain, Hail or Shine.
With the suite of webtron online auction software and support services at your disposal, you will reap the rewards.
The resulting upswing all of our clients have experienced online in 2020 is forecast to continue in 2021/22.
We have the software and ideas nobody else has:
Sure everybody needed and will continue to be more creative, innovative, and work hard in 2021 but at the end of the day, our clients the Auction Houses of the world, and their bidders are the clear winners. 
2021 will see another year of rapid innovation to the webtron online auction software and services. We have many new releases and updates coming in 2021.
Make sure you follow webtron’s latest auction news page to track our progress and business expansion during 2021.
Here are just a few of the ideas to keep your auction business ahead of the game in 2021 and modernise your software and marketing approach 📈:
  • More online auction selling options 
  • A beautifully designed bidder interface
  • Remove barriers, ditch old fashioned requirements for apps  and modernise with new tech
  • If you stream your auctions Live let’s go HD video for every auction and lift the bar in your marketplace. Make your competitors seem 2nd rate.
  • If your bidders use mobile phones to bid – knock them out with HD video quality App Free to their Apple iPhones and Android phones.
  • Increase bidder numbers by Dual-LiveStream your Live auctions into Facebook or YouTube from the webtron system
  • For your Timed Auctions let’s add multiple videos and PDF’s lots. Make it easier for bidders to make a judgment online. Contact-free.
  • Let’s ramp up your Timed Auction offerings and add Buy Now or Make Offer options.
  • Expand your geographic bidder market reach and bidder numbers
  • Let’s do an audit of your website and online marketing activities to ensure you are keeping up with the rapidly evolving online environment.
If this is resonating with you get in touch and we will confidentially discuss developing a custom online auction action plan for your business.
PS: And just so you know we have many clients that have migrated over from other well-known systems and they would never go back! 

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