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New Webtron 7.0 Auction Software Smash Success!

New Webtron 7.0 Auction Software Smash Success!

Published on December 14th, 2021

New Webtron 7.0 Auction Software Smash Success!

Successful auction software! We have received wonderful feedback about Webtron V 7.0 from our clients and their bidders, and we are ecstatic about the enthusiastic adoption of Webtron V 7.0 by auctioneers.

Hand on our hearts we know this is the best auction software on the market for professional independent auctioneers anywhere in the world. Webtron clients have the unfair advantage. And we thank all of our old and new clients for making Webtron V 7.0  auction software a smash success and our best version release ever. And we are not stoping here.  Webtron V 7.1 & 7.2 will be rolling out shortly with even more exciting new feature updates.

Below are some of the comments the webtron team have received in recent weeks on the new Webtron V 7.0 

– “Wow this is amazing”

– “Brilliant”

– “Best yet”

– “I love this auction system”

– “Way better than any other auction software system”

– “Our bidders love it”

– “ I love V 7.0 so much”

– ” I wish I had done this earlier”

In the last 12 months Webtron has helped more auctioneers run their own online auctions than ever before. That equates to 10,000+ lots every week. 

In 2022, you can be sure that Webtron will be used to power more independent auctioneers’ auctions than ever before. One auction software package gives you the complete answer for outstanding Live Webcast Auctions, Timed Online Auctions, and Marketplace. from your own website, all. You also won’t ever have to share your bidders again.

The webtron motto and vision remains unchanged “Simple for Bidders and Powerful for Auctioneers

We can help you run your own auctions thereby cutting the middleman out and having your bidders taken from you.

Your brand, your website and your bidders. Build and value your own brand IP, bidders and profit.

Get in touch! The sooner we can help the better it will be for your auction business.

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